Sunday, July 29, 2012

Curse Wall

In preparation for the filming of the new documentary on AF Canyon we drove up to the most fantastic stone that AF has to offer for a quick day of sport climbing at higher altitudes.
Megan entering the crux move of the route/boulder problem

Ryan getting ready for the last move on an epic overhang...short but sweet
Megan sporting a brand new Haven Climbing chalk bag
Seth wore a t shirt with a quote from Aaron Ralston stating that "crooked is the back of fate..." How true it is, the circumstances leading the 4 of us together on yet another epic adventure could not be more crooked and unpredictable...but here we are together again.

Spring 2012 Review/ Kickstarter Project!

There have been plenty of adventures that we left unreported for the spring...

here is a quick photo summary...
 Deep water soloing at Malibu Creek State Park, California
 Surfing in Carlsbad
 John Long's Legendary White Rastafarian at Joshua Tree
Our Parting sunset salute tribute to the Joshua Trees of the National Park

Sick Footage from our own Bruce Wilson of some fun bouldering from this spring

This is a kickstarter video for our own Bruce Wilson. Please donate to the project!
The whole crew has been super busy filming and climbing to make this documentary a reality.  American Fork canyon is an awesome crag and deserves the attention.  Follow the progress of the film here.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Death of a Star

Every decade there's at least one thing that happens to shake our worlds and make the world stop and think about what really matters. Pearl Harbor, The landing on the moon, 911, and for our generation the death of the greatest voice to ever grace our planet. Whitney Houston. May she rest in peace.